Our company QCONTROL Quality Solutions has a constant goal to cover your needs in terms of Measuring & Quality Control Equipment and Services.
We aim to support our partners, both before and after a purchase of equipment. Initially, our goal is to fully understand our partner's needs regarding the technological field and thus to offer the most appopriate -economically & technically - equipment.
We then seek to fully ensure & strengthen our partner's investment, through constant support (training, equipment upgrades, etc).
Substantial evidence of the full support we offer to our customers, is the fact that they repeatedly choose QCONTROL for Quality Control Equipment. The following table has indicative examples of companies in the public and private sector that steadily prefer our company in Quality Control Equipment: 

Company Equipment
HELLENIC DEFENSE SYSTEMS S.A. 13 Coordinate Measuring Machines, Hardness testers, NDT equipment, Optical instruments, etc
VIORAL 3 Coordinate Measuring Machines, X-RAY cabinet, Spectrometer, Tabletop Hardness Tester
BIC 2 Coordinate Measuring Machines, Hardness testers, NDT Equipment, etc
ALUMIL Materials Testin Machine, Spectrometer, etc
THRACE PLASTICS GROUP 13 Testing Machines, Balances, Thickness gauges, etc
ETEM 1 Coordinate Measuring Machine, Hardness Testers, NDT Equipment, etc


Our sectors:

  1. Non-Destructive Testing
    Ultrasonic thickness gauges, Phased Array Systems, Magnetic Particles Inspection, etc.

  2. Dimensional Measurements
    Calipers, Micrometers, Roughness meters, Coordinate Measuring Machines, etc

  3. Materials Behaviour Analysis
    Portable Hardness Testers, Tabletop & Ultrasonic Hardness Testers, Testing Machines

  4. Materials Properties Analysis
    Portable and Tabletop XRF & OES Spectrometers etc

  5. Environmental Measurements
    Thermal Cameras, Thermometer, Humidity & Moisture Meters, Gas Combustion Analyzers, etc

  6. Scales & Weighing Systems
    Precision balances, Analytical Balances, Moisture Analyzers, Crane Scales, LoadCells, etc

  7. Maintenance & Alignment
    Vibration Analysis Systems, Alignment and Balancing Systems, etc

  8. Optics
    Tabletop & Portable Microscopes, Stereomicroscopes, Industrial Endoscopes, Color-readers, etc

  9. Marking & Engraving Systems
    Pneumatic Marking and Laser Engraving

  10. Seminars & Services
    Machining seminars, Moulding Seminars, GT&D seminars

Feel free to browse our website, where you will find our complete product range. In case you cannot find the equipment or solution you are interested in, do not hesitate to contact us. Our engineers are at your disposal for any questions you might have, because your needs give us strength to move on.

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